Online Buyers Guide & Policies (By purchasing an item, means you agree to these terms)

We are glad that your are here!

Having a retail thrift store with an online inventory is tricky business, but we decided to take on the challenge for you! It is very important to read this before purchasing any items online to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Call us if you have any questions!


In-Store Pick Up: You have 3 day's from any online purchase to pick up your item or items. Call to schedule the pick up day and time. We will have your item or item's ready at your arrival.  AFTER 3 DAYS THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL $2 PER DAY, PER ITEM STORAGE FEE.  We are limited on room, and have to keep things moving. If you are unable to pick up within three days please do not purchase the item online or you can choose to set up our delivery service option.  Unless you do not mind paying the additional storage fees so that you can reserve the item. These fees will be due at pick up.

We will hold your item or items for up to 15 days max. If the item hasn't been picked up, it will be resold and there will be no refund. Please call us and communicate with us. We want you to have the best experience possible. 

Shipping: We ship smaller items within 2-3 business days of sale.

Delivery: We can deliver within a 35 minute time frame from store. Please call us if you want to use this option.

Can usually within 2-3 days from delivery set up time.

1 man and truck: $20 base fee plus $1 per minutes away.

2 man and truck: $30 base fee plus $2 per minutes away.

3 man and truck $40 base fee plus $3 per minutes away.

example: Deliver of a shelf one person can deliver that is 15 minutes from our store. $20 +$15 = $35

example: Entertainment center two people will deliver 10 minutes away. $30+$20=$50

Please call to confirm deliveries. You can either pay them online, at the store, or in person. Deliveries must be set up within 3 days of purchase date.

If you purchase the item in store with our cashier, we allow 24 hours for pick up of the item bought.  Each day after is $2 per day, but will be required to be paid in full before getting the item.  Thank you for understanding our need to keep items flowing in and out as smoothly, and quickly as possible.