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Boat & Trailer, 18’ Sunbird, 1991, Corsair Outboard

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This boat is wanting someone to bring it back to llife!   Motor may be a quick fix, but the cosmetics may take some work to make them look new again. 
The original owner  ran the boat every summer and a few summers back he took it out and the engine wouldn’t turn on or stay on.  He took it off the water and never had it looked at, because a storm blew the cover off and messed up the vinyl.  I think someone quoted a few grand to fix the vinyl, so he decided not to, and he also never got the motor checked out.

I bought the motor mufflers for it to be ran in a large trash can with water in order to work on it, but never got around to it.  

Please  message me if you are a serious inquirer, and I will be glad to answer your questions. Thanks for looking!  

Delivery may be an option if needed.   051200Dec23. 


If you fix boats to sell them or just want a running boat this is a perfect opportunity to get a diamond in the rough.  (Priced at $1400.00 by NC via Text 121154Dec23   BP1000SCDCText141700Dec23)